Hospitality from the heart

Our family has been taking loving care of our guests for three generations. We have taken great pains to maintain the family atmosphere of our hotel. Natural materials are a leitmotif in the hotel Gasthof Höllriegl***s in the town centre of Sarentino, in Alto Adige. The warm colors ensure a comfortable atmosphere in the entire house; the comfortable chairs scattered about invite you to come and sit awhile.

We look forward to having you as our guests very soon!

Gasthof Höllriegl:
A holiday jewel with a long and varied history

The hotel Gasthof „Höllriegl“ lies in the centre of the picturesque village of Sarentino. The historical building with the unique garden was built in 1280 and bore the name "House under the birches that grow down to the Talfer river". The common name for the "Rotgerberhaus", or red tanner's house, was the "belt-maker’s house", since tanned leather and straps were worked here once upon a time. Dr. Höllriegl, a doctor, bought the house around 1880 and changed it into a popular inn that still bears his name today.

The family Aichner: Margareth, Karl, Karin und Martin

In 1956 the inn was acquired by the Aichner family, who carefully restored the building over time and gradually changed it into a modern hotel business. Renovations were completed in July of 2014 and the traditional building, which kept its original looks until 1990, was given a new lease on life, both inside and out. The ample renovations included tearing down the upper floors and subsequently rebuilding them, using a lot of wood, natural stone and glass.