Sarner Gschick

Sarner Gschick

If a handmade product is unique, tells a story and is of the highest quality, then you can be sure that it came from one of the „Sarner Gschick“ workshops. All five have in common their love for their work, their uncommon ability to create unique pieces and their pride in presenting a product that is rooted in tradition from start to finish.

The Rohrerhaus

Rohrerhaus, museum in Sarentino

The Rohrerhaus in the Sarentino valley is an old farmhouse that has been renovated and turned into a museum, with an old smokehouse and an original bread oven. The house is built simply but on generous lines, utilitarian, with no frills and yet with a plain, quiet elegance all its own.

Bolzano Porticoes and the Old City

Bolzano, Alto Adige

Old meets new in the heart of the region's capital. The city centre boasts lots of shops, and whether you are looking for shoes, sports gear, evening clothes or umbrellas, you have all sorts of choices!

Today, the historical city centre, known as the “Altstadt”, a popular meeting place for strolling or shopping. The romantic, twisting alleys create a very special atmosphere. The many bars, restaurants and cafés invite you to sit and have a pleasant chat.

Winery visits

Wine, Alto Adige

Are you a wine enthusiast or do you simply love the smell of young, fresh and exotic wines? You can let your senses run wild at a winery visit in the area, and fall in love with the local wines. Sparkling, reds, or whites: we'll find the right one for you. We would be delighted to set up a tailor-made day for you.